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5 Tips For Beach Photography

We watched 2016 come and go with the blink of an eye! Here at Salty Kai, we are welcoming 2017 with open arms. Last year was filled with so many awesome shots and photographic opportunities. I often get asked if I have any tips for shooting at the beach. So here we are with the newest post for the year!



5 Tips For Beach Photography



1.  Know your location


The only exception to this would be if you’re out at a new/old spot for your own leisure, or decided to stop at some random beach on your way home from work. ( No judging here, I do it all the time! ) If you have a model you most definitely need to know your surroundings. No one likes their time to be wasted. And pro tip here: make sure to check those tides! Take a look at the picture above, depending on the time of day you visit that beach, all of the shoreline could be gone! The last thing you want is to show up at the beach with your clients and see that it’s high tide. No bueno my friends. So don’t forget that it’s good to scout out your location beforehand and check out all the goods that beach has to offer.


2.  Sometimes you just need to hold it


So here’s a little fact about me. I work as a graphic designer and photographer for a marine ornamental aquaculture company. AKA they raise lots of nemos and other amazing saltwater creatures. A few days out of the week are picture days where I get to photographic new fish. The one lesson I’ve learned is sometimes you just need to stay still. ( Photographing fish will teach you lots of patience! ) Pick a position and a spot, then hold it. Same applies when you’re at the beach. There are lots of living, breathing animals by the water and on land. If you’re constantly on the go then you’re going to miss it. Spend some time in one spot and you’ll be surprised by what you capture!



5 Tips For Beach Photography



3.  Plan your time accordingly


I’m pretty horrible at following this one myself. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times where I thought I would beat the sunset/sunrise and never did! Make sure you plan enough time to get to the beach before the amazing sunset/sunrise display. It’s the absolute worst to finally get to your magical sunset spot, and have it setting ( and setting quickly at that ) by the time you get there! Factor in traffic, and getting your equipment set up where you need it to be. See all the luscious sunshine bursting through the clouds? That only happens for a few moments during the sunrise so time is of the essence!


4.  Cloudy/overcast days are your friend


Now I know some of you are probably calling me crazy, but I promise I’m telling the truth! As long as the sky doesn’t look like doomsday and there’s no rain ( check your weather! ), then don’t let a little bit of clouds worry you. Overcast days will pull out a lot of rich and dark tones that you normally wouldn’t be able to get because of the bright sun. Cloudy days can turn out to be the best!



5 Tips For Beach Photography



5.  A little water won’t hurt ya


When you’re busy snapping photos by the water, don’t be afraid to roll up those pant legs and get your feet wet. Sometimes I have to crouch down really low to get the angle I’m looking for. Most of the times that means my legs get soaking wet and covered in sand sprinkles. But that’s okay because you bet I got that shot I was looking for!


Hopefully you’ll be able to put some of these tips to good use and create some amazing photos! Let us know your thoughts below, or feel free to share some of your own beach photography tips!


Happy beach days!

– Salty Kai // Renée




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