New Year, New Dreams

Upon entering 2023, I did something I’ve never done before. For the first time I went into the new year without making any plans. No goals, no deadlines. This was huge for me because I’ve always been a planner. I’m always moving onto the next “thing”. Whatever that might be. I get an insane amount of satisfaction from being able to cross things off my many lists.

But 2022 left me with a lot of unfinished lists and things I would never be able to cross off. So this year I am approaching things differently. I know the plans that I would like to accomplish but this time around I won’t be afraid to veer off course. I want to leave my life wide open to enjoy the moments and most importantly feel them. The small moments and the big moments. The good and the bad.

I learned that the tighter you hold onto something, the less room you allow it to grow. This year I’m loosening my grip.

2023 I am getting back to my roots. I want to get back to being an artist. Not that I ever stopped being one, but during my time with the shop I sure didn’t feel like an artist. I want to paint for my own personal enjoyment again, and learn new hobbies just for the heck of it. I want to shift from the business state of mind I constantly found myself in, to a more present and passionate state of mind. I want to fill the world with little pieces of happiness. With all the things going on in the world I know that might sound trivial, and trust me as an artist it can feel like my work is pointless at times. But I realized how I’ve filled my life with little pockets of happiness from other artists. And the great joy that their work brings me everyday. So I suppose that means my work can be of value too.

And getting back to basics leads me right along to a fun announcement. I will be participating at my very first market in about 5 years! You can visit me on February 4th in Palm City, FL at Blooming Freedom for their Valentine’s Day market. I have worked like a mad woman into the wee hours of the night for the past month to finalize new paintings and artworks for this event. It will be nice to hang up my mom hat for a few hours and be myself while sharing my work. One of these days I’ll have to share what markets used to look like for me. Because I never thought the day would come where I would be excited to talk with and meet new people. Funny how much life and circumstances can change you! Here is the Facebook link of the event for those who are interested in attending and want more information on the date and time.

As for the new releases, I’m also excited to get those up on the website for everyone to shop. If you’d like a reminder for when everything is released then please sign up for my newsletter. I’m working this year on getting better with newsletter releases. I plan to make them something you look forward to seeing in your inbox.

I’ll check back in after the market to let you know how it went! I also plan on getting better at documenting things. This weekend and the week to come will be full of market prep. I’m looking forward to enjoying more of the journey rather than just the destination.

Talk to you soon!

– Renée

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