Salty Kai Pin Grading System

We have adopted a pin grading system that will be used to identify all of our pins. Each pin grade will vary in price. This way you can be certain if you have purchased a collector’s quality pin. Pins will not be refundable due to our new grading system. So please be certain of which grade you are purchasing. Please note that the images below are just for reference. It is not an exact representation of what you will be receiving.

Collector's Pin Grade

Pin Grade :


Collector’s Quality

Best quality for collectors. Guaranteed free of air bubbles, stray paint/glitter specs, metal plating defects (excluding backs), and low-fill or gouged enamel. These pins are perfect for pin boards and showing off!

Standard Pin Grade

Pin Grade :


Standard Quality

These pins are perfect to wear and take on adventures! They are free of any major defects but may show minor imperfections. Standard orders may be filled as collector’s grade but are not guaranteed as such.

Seconds Pin Grade

Pin Grade :


Seconds Quality

Seconds quality pins are perfect for collectors on a budget. Multiple or major defects will be visible on the pin. These are not limited to and can include : peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected problems.